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Among the local celebrations, the most notable take place in August, which are the Festivities of our Lady of La Esperanza together with the Crafts fair, an activity that maintains great vitality, being represented by the lace work, baskets and ceramics.

As in other northern areas of Tenerife , the Festivity of San Andrés, on November 30th, with the opening of the wine cellars, is a notable festive event. Together with the new wine, is the necessary complement of roasted chestnuts and “sancocho”

Calendar of Popular Festivities in La Guancha
January 18th Our Lady of la Esperanza
April 23rd San Jorge. El Farrobo
Last week in May Virgin of el Coromoto. Guancha de Abajo
June 23rd San Juan Night. La Asomada Canyon
Third Sunday in June Corpus Christi
Last Sunday in June San Antonio de Padua. El Pinalete
Second-Third week in July Virgin of Carmen. Santo Domingo
Second Saturday in August Bajada de Las Hayas
Fourth Sunday in August Santo Domingo de Guzmán
Second week in August Patron Festivities
Second week in October San Lucas. Las Cucharas
Third week in October Our Lady of el Rosario.
Third Sunday in November Santa Catalina
November 29 – 30th San Andrés Festivities

Cultural Interest Centres

La Guancha Crafts Workshop

Ave. Hipólito Sinforiano

Phone: 922 828 551

An ideal place for shopping or just visiting. It is also a useful place for seeking information on all kinds of traditional crafts: Canary lace work, loom work, raffia, ceramics, traditional costumes, etc.

Santa Catalina Cultural Centre

Phone: 922 360 729

Union and Fraternity Cultural Centre

Phone: 922 828 106

Parochial Church Dulce Nombre de Jesús

Dating from the XVI century, of Moresque style, with a tower rebuilt in 2002. It features a beautiful altarpiece from the XVII century, as well as many paintings.

Santa Catalina Church

Built on an old temple from the XVI century. One of the scarce hundred year old known cedars survives in this plaza.

Hoyo Brunco Guanche Necropolis

Los Pérez House

Beautiful house next to the Church Dulce Nombre de Jesús

Los Gomeros House

Calle El Vinculo

For Complete cultural information concerning Tenerife and the Canaries visit www.tenerifeculture.com


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